Gave it all
but lost.

We believe defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure. And we fought! But Corona was too much. We’re sorry to announce Panatta Gym will not re-open. After 40 years of up-and-downs we feel sad and shaken about this forced decission. We gave it all. Our gym was more than just a company. It was our life. What the future will bring is uncertain, but at least we’re healthy. And we hope so are you.

We understand you might have questions. Please send them to
We’ll do our best to answer.

Support and/or a kind word is always appreciated, we’ll love to see you at our Facebook-page.

This was a very painful decission we had to make. It will take time to recover. But as always…

Stay strong together.

Frits, Jolanda and Lesley